I am in the night
I am every part of it
The consumption of its beast 
The deck that it deals
The veins that bleed
The caress of its serpent

I am the night
As it writhes and undulates toward dawn
It moans and cries a symphony of anger
I am its agony as it struggles against the light
And dies with the strike of the Sun God.






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 Come In and Burn...
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Details Magazine, July 1995 - Strokes of Genius...

Henry Rollins knows exactly what a woman wants. And heís here to tell you just how to give it to her.

Books have been written, ads have been taken out. It has been discussed to exhaustion on talk shows. Whole careers have been built on its definition and pursuit. The female orgasm is one of the worldís most elusive treasures.

There are men out there who think that women donít mind if they donít reach orgasm during sex. This philosophy probably dates back to the beginning of time and is hopelessly tangled in a bullshit moralistic-religious quagmire, where the manís orgasm was used for procreation and deemed okay with God and a womanís climax was the stuff of pure, decadent sin. For a woman to desire was a big no-no. For a woman to enjoy sex was *unthinkable*. (Imagine a sex encounter where you didnít come. Imagine two. Imagine a life of it. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce Nancy Reagan.)

Q: How can you tell if a womanís had an orgasm?

A: Who cares?

Thatís supposed to be a joke. But flat out, there are men who just donít give a damn if a woman comes or not. The feel that a vagina is the place they hang their jimmy hat and thatís the end of the sex talk for today, thank you. Ask them to show some sensitivity and theyíll tell you that they are real men and sensitivity is for pussies. (Perhaps if these guys understood pussies better, they might get closer to more of them.) Maybe theyíre really afraid. Maybe theyíre not the studs they think they are. Maybe all this time sheís been faking her orgasms.

When men are negated sexually, when there is even a hint that their sexual orientation, potency, or proficiency might be challenged or in doubt, many go berserk. No understanding, no humor, nothing but pure rage. Fightiní words with no filler. Women have been quietly coping with being rendered nonexistent in relationships for centuries. Look at all the trouble Mary had to go through. Never had sex and then a mandate from Heaven gets her knocked up. And she didnít even get to get off! Bearing the Christ child was a consolation prize for her frustration and misery. Mary didnít have any real power; she just got spiritually boned.

These days, women can run power trips to a certain degree. After all, they have what men want. (The extent to which men have gone to get it is legendary, and the conquest can be frightening in its violent fury.) Women can withhold sex, give it out in limited quantities, use it for barter, whatever. But even when they agree to give it up, thereís no guarantee that their designated driver will be able to take them to their final destination.

Thatís because women got handed the raw deal biologically. By nature and by design, women are the recipients, the sometimes passive and too often victimized partner in sex. For women, itís all incoming; they get it done to them. They get pounded; they become worse for the wear and tear. They get used. Men can rock the house with impunity. Well almost. Since modern women have been told that an orgasm is their divine, liberated birthright, they can use it as an emotional weapon in the battle of the sexes. And they can use it to hold men to new performance standards. Standards that may require learning new acrobatic skills, endurance training, and mind control.

During sex, the man will often concentrate on things other than what is in front of him in order to stretch out the time before he comes. He did all this work to get with her, and once there, immediately and with all the concentration he can muster, he has to distance himself as much as he can from enjoying the very thing heís after by desperately trying not to think about it at all.

The friction is perfect. Sheís doing everything she can to have an orgasm and heís doing everything he can not to. I can remember times when a womanís nails have been digging into my skin and I was urgently multiplying numbers, thinking of what to get at the grocery store - you name it.

Another thing about abstract thinking during sex: When a man goes down on a woman, heís all alone down there, and his mind can often stray. But in minute seven heís going for choreography: one-two-three right, LUNGE! For a lot of the time during sex, we men are changing the subject, and sometimes weíre not even there. No wonder women can be so mean. This is partly due to how the parts work. Men can easily come via intercourse. All theyíve got to do is pretty much show up. For a woman thatís not always the case. Most guys know this, and they know what they have to do to get the woman off. What is pleasurable for her, however, may turn out to be work for him. So there is often pressure for a woman to climax on demand; sometimes she is made to feel that she is being done some great big favor just because the man is applying himself to her: *Okay, Iím doing my part. Your time is NOW!*

An offshoot of that - and this is a crime - is that the woman is ashamed. Ashamed of what she wants and how she wants to feel. Some women are ashamed of the nature of their genitaliaís anatomy, not necessarily from a feeling of inadequacy, but because of its design and what it does. I remember once being with a woman and moving from her breasts to her midsection when she suddenly went absolutely rigid. I abandoned my southerly route, went straight north, and asked what the matter was. She told me that a guy had once told her that women were dirty and men didnít like going down on them, and it had stuck with her. It took me a while to turn that one around.

Sometimes a woman might have a problem letting her partner know what she wants. A woman might be equally surprised at how willing the man is to accommodate her once he has been told. Iím not taking sides, but if a woman doesnít tell a guy what the problem is, then in the manís mind the problem might not exist.

And then there are those men out there who go after a womanís orgasm as if theyíre on a mission to bring back the Holy Grail. For them itís not so much about being a partner in a sexual encounter as itís about winning that trophy orgasm. Just another play - off game. It gives them something to brag about; it makes them feel confident. And with the pleasure can come the debt: *I made you come; what are you going to do for me? Tell me how amazing I was at making you feel great.*

Wise up. To manipulate a James Brown lyric, Itís up to the guys to use what theyíve got to help her get just what she wants. A real man knows this. A real man knows that giving her an orgasm is proof that youíre a real lover. If you canít make a woman come somehow, see it as a shortcoming in yourself. And deal with it.