I am in the night
I am every part of it
The consumption of its beast 
The deck that it deals
The veins that bleed
The caress of its serpent

I am the night
As it writhes and undulates toward dawn
It moans and cries a symphony of anger
I am its agony as it struggles against the light
And dies with the strike of the Sun God.

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1997< - DreamWorks SKG - PRO-CD-5022

2Question 10:11
3Answer 12:24
4Question 20:14
5Answer 23:36
6Question 30:25
7Answer 33:17
8Question 40:09
9Answer 43:09
10Question 50:15
11Answer 52:39
12Question 60:08
13Answer 64:31
14Question 70:11
15Answer 71:53
16Question 80:43
17Answer 82:26
18Question 90:13
19Answer 91:03
20Question 100:37
21Answer 107:34
22Question 110:18
23Answer 115:16
24Question 120:14
25Answer 120:59
26Question 130:32
27Answer 133:35
28Question 140:21
29Answer 141:36
30Question 150:05
31Answer 151:24
32Question 160:29
33Answer 175:13
Total Time56:45

This disc contains a one hour conversation between Henry Rollins and Senior Billboard writer Chris Morris recorded at Rollins' L.A. home prior to the release of ROLLINS BAND's new album COME IN AND BURN.

Broadcast or reproduction in print media of any part of this conversation is ENCOURAGED! For listening convenience, a list of questions is included on the inner sleeve. Both Chris Morris's questions and Henry's individual answers are banded on this CD as separate tracks.

Management: 3 A.M. Management
Photograph by Albert Watson
Package Design by Frank Olinsky

CHRIS MORRIS                                                                HENRY ROLLINS

Track 1  Intro  0:14
Track 2  "Where did you record the new record?"  0:11
                                                                            Track 3  Answer  2:24
Track 4  "Tell me about the producer for the new album."  0:14
                                                                            Track 5  Answer  3:36
Track 6  "Tell me about the lyric-writing process on the new album."  0:25
                                                                            Track 7  Answer  3:17
Track 8  "Tell me about the sound of the new album."  0:09
                                                                            Track 9  Answer  3:09
Track 10  "Tell me about 1997 touring plans."  0:15
                                                                            Track 11  Answer  2:39
Track 12  "Tell me about the cover."  0:08
                                                                            Track 13  Answer  4:31
Track 14  "Tell me about Bob Ezrin's involvement."  0:11
                                                                            Track 15  Answer  1:53
Track 16  "What's the difference between spoken word shows and
           singing with the band?"  0:43
                                                                            Track 17  Answer  2:26
Track 18  "When is the next spoken word record coming?"  0:13
                                                                            Track 19  Answer  1:03
Track 20  "Tell me about your book company 2.13.61."  0:37
                                                                            Track 21  Answer  7:34
Track 22  "Tell me about the record lable 2.13.61."  0:18
                                                                            Track 23  Answer  5:16
Track 24  "What's it like running a record label?"  0:14
                                                                            Track 25  Answer  0:59
Track 26  "Tell me about the label Infinite Zero."  0:32
                                                                            Track 27  Answer  3:35
Track 28  "Tell me about your acting career."  0:21
                                                                            Track 29  Answer  1:36
Track 30  "How was it working with Al Pacino?"  0:05
                                                                            Track 31  Answer  1:24
Track 32  "Outside of your work, do you have a life?"  0:29
                                                                            Track 33  Answer  5:13
Track 34  Outro  0:18

Dave's Comments:

Much like Imago's ROLLINS INTERVIEW KIT, this CD gives you all the answers, this time about COME IN AND BURN.

David Tenenbaum (08.28.99)